• Oli Whittington

    Oli Whittington

    Designer, researcher, strategist in the Arup Studio.

  • Sam Butler-Sloss

    Sam Butler-Sloss

  • Dr Ron Pol

    Dr Ron Pol

    Outcomes science, applied to life. Current main focus AML/CFT. Outcomes architect, loves engaging with open minds. See: https://bit.ly/3bj0Y3y

  • Political Advisor India

    Political Advisor India

    politicaladvisorindia.com Political Advisor & Politics Writer

  • Sascha Haselmayer

    Sascha Haselmayer

    Passionate about social + city innovation, delightful procurement, connecting social entrepreneurs and governments. Fellow @ New America | Founder/CEO Citymart

  • The Good Economy

    The Good Economy

    The Good Economy is a social advisory firm dedicated to promoting inclusive business and investment.

  • Jess Price

    Jess Price

  • Sunkyung Han

    Sunkyung Han

    CEO (C.), 15 years connector and catalyst in social innovation

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